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As issues of climate change and sustainability continue to dominate the media, organisations are under increasing pressure to meet their objectives on sustainability and CSR, ethical investment and supply chain.

At Map-Room we collaborate with our clients to ensure a clear strategy and stronger insight, assurance and resilience to help them meet these objectives.

As a consultancy we are heavily focused on developing sustainability strategy, responsible sourcing and supply chain and providing implementation support for our clients and growing a network of leaders in this area. This is complimented by our ability to augment existing teams with specialist resource.

We have extensive experience across a variety of sectors from Financial Services to FMCG, working with clients to shape their sustainability targets, strategy and implementation alongside helping transform sourcing and supply chain models.

We work with organisations to define their approach we would principally consider the following key areas relevant, which can be expanded or refined based on client’s individual requirements:


Carbon Output Baseline of the current carbon impact across the business and supply chain to define a target timeline towards net zero carbon emissions
Water Usage Understand current water usage across the organisation to provide baseline for future target reduction and better utilisation.
Plastics Understand full scope of plastic usage across all packaging (including polystyrene) and define targets to reduce
Recycling Recyclability of materials used in products and packaging and identify alternative sourcing options where appropriate (including stock disposal strategy)
Biodiversity Consider the sustainability of sourcing across the range of products offered and identify where enhancements can be made to protect the environment and contribute to the overall target position
CSR Review the current policies in place for Corporate Social Responsibility and refine or develop as required.
Market Engagement Understanding the organisations marketing and PR channels and providing support to ensure positive Sustainability and CSR messaging is consistent and impactful.

Our Services

  • Baseline Sustainability Assessment and Total Footprint
  • Target Setting and Achievability Plan
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • CSR Policy Review and Development
  • Market Engagement and Accreditation Management
  • Energy and Water Usage Advisory
  • Raw Material and Packaging Usage Advisory
  • Resource Augmentation and Search
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Development
  • Responsible Sourcing Advice or Application

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