Philosophy & Methodology

Market Disruptive Methodology

To deliver an unrivalled customer journey and unequalled results Bateman Collins has created a new search methodology with unique tools and processes. By instilling scientific assessment across every aspect of the search process, we have created market leading executive assessment and unique cultural profiling.

Unrivalled Customer Experience

Bateman Collins offers bespoke solutions. Our teams are exceptionally dedicated to achieving your long term strategic ambitions. Bateman Collins’ employees are uniquely accountable and remunerated on meeting client-oriented satisfaction criteria. Dynamism injected into the traditional search process results in huge time and cost savings.

Cultural Profiling

Traditional search relies on mapping the competition. At Bateman Collins, we undertake a cultural assessment using our in-house cultural profiling tool. This allows Bateman Collins to target firms based on similar cultural profile and future cultural ambitions. Combining our culture-led approach with rigorous, scientific assessment has resulted in a 96% success rate on all exclusive project managed assignments since launch in 2012.

Value Based Rewards

Traditional search firms reward their staff on achieving individual financial targets. We believe this to be a short-term measure of success and misplaced. At Bateman Collins, all employees are rewarded on meeting core values, longer term measures of success and stringent customer-oriented satisfaction criteria. This feedback is taken after every assignment and forms the basis for our staff’s professional development and continuous learning.

Future Leadership

We work with clients to achieve their long term strategic agenda and judge our success accordingly.  Understanding long term business and cultural objectives and the need to adapt to future challenges enables us to identify a new generation of business leaders.  This has resulted in a 97% stick rate within the first 2 years of introduction across all positions; even more impressive on retained assignments, with a 99% stick rate across all appointments since launch in 2012.

Specialist Market Expertise

As a centre of knowledge and expertise we are informed and inspired by the industries in which we operate. Our consultants are industry and functional experts, with the knowledge and depth of understanding to evaluate, advise and deliver key assignments and tailor hybrid consultancy services appropriate to each unique client.

Pre-eminent Active Networks

We nurture inclusive relationships built on high performing networks. Bateman Collins’ consultants access an impressive global network of executives and associates and continually work to grow and establish this network into previously unchartered talent pools.

Dynamic Precision Delivery

We understand the importance of speed and precision to grow and transform your business. Our knowledge and networks provide Bateman Collins with access to readily available global talent pools. Rapid deployment of Interim Managers within 24 hours and Benchmark candidates provided on retained assignments are two examples of practices resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to Introduce Future Leaders to Progressive Organisations.

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Partnership Testimonials

We measure our success on our ability to enhance our customers’ performance.

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Philosophy & Methodology

A market disruptive methodology with unique tools and processes.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting a progressive agenda.

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Our Team

High performance through collaboration.

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