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Digital, Data & Analytics Leaders

The explosive growth of digital channels and market disruptive technology, as well as the opportunity to use advanced data & analytics to inform decisions requires a new generation of business leader.  These individuals are strategic innovators, tech savvy with an equal measure of commercial competence to drive business decisions.  This has created a dynamic and innovative marketplace, with new disruptive firms challenging more traditional practices and organisations.  This has also impacted on more traditional structures within firms with the appointment of senior Digital & Innovation executives, including Chief Digital Officers and executives accountable for Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel development.

By acquiring an understanding of each step of the customer journey, using advanced customer analytics, online or mobile channels, organisations can leverage data and digital capabilities to create an improved, often more personalised, customer experience.

Bateman Collins provides senior Digital & Innovation Executives to firms and their senior leadership teams: –

  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Innovation & Ecommerce Leaders
  • Omni Channel and Multi-Channel Leaders
  • Digital Transformation Executives
  • Functional Digital Leaders

Bateman Collins also provides Data and Analytics Executives including:-

  • Chief Data Officers
  • Data Strategy & Analytics
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Analytics Officers
  • Customer & Marketing Analytics
  • Business Intelligence

Board & Executive Leadership

CEO, Managing Director, Non-Executive Chair & NED, Board Directors.

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Financial Officers

Senior finance leaders include CFO, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Treasurer.

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Risk & Compliance Officers

Senior risk & compliance leaders include CRO, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Credit Officer.

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Operations & Technology Officers

Senior operations and technology leaders include COO, CIO, CTO, Chief Procurement Officer.

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Sales & Marketing

Senior commercial officers include CCO, CMO, Head of Product & Channel.

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Front Office

Chief Investment Officers, Portfolio Managers & Strategists, Traders & Structurers.

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Digital, Data & Analytics Leaders

Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer, CISO, Chief Analytics Officer.

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Transformation & Transition Leaders

CTO, Transformation or Transition Directors, business & functional change leaders.

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