Team Events

Team socials and events are the cornerstone of our success. Our Calendar of events allows us to meet regularly to collaborate and share ideas and to celebrate in each other’s success.

Our Group AGMS

From enjoying the snow in the Alps to 4x4ing our way across the Scottish Highlands our AGMs allow the team to relax, reset and strategize in unique settings across Europe. We are successful as a business because we are successful as a team and our AGM allows us to come together to collaborate and learn from one another.

Some recent team highlights:-

  • Whisky tastings in Scotland
  • Archery on the lawns of Crewe Hall
  • Skiing in St Foye
  • Fine dining in the Surrey Hills
  • Highland Safari

Team Socials

Our varied schedule of team events brings the team together more important than ever post Covid when we are working most of the week remotely.    We have enjoyed Christmas dinners in spectacular locations such as the Shard, Oxo Tower, and The Cinnamon Club.   We also meet in the Surrey Hills for our mid-years and have been entertained by gin experts and magicians alike.   Our Team Socials are critical to our success allowing every team member to contribute to our business strategies and to brainstorm in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

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